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Turning Tragedy Into Triumph


Greetings, thank you so much for visiting the new website of the Kennedy Austin Foundation, KAF, is a non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization that was established March 1994 by Ms. Ethel Gardner, after the devastating loss of her only 17 year old son Damon J. Jones, a Bonita High School student who was killed on his way home from Lake Havasu, Memorial Day weekend. Kennedy Austin Foundation is a family crisis intervention outreach that serves the community of mother’s who have lost a child, survivors of domestic violence, mental illness, and anger management. We have served a multitude of families in crisis.    

The Story Behind the Re-Brand


Our Vision of the Kennedy Austin Foundation, has a look fresh look, mainly because our audience is changing and we are broadening our horizons to reach the masses of people. Our story started our with one woman desperate to find answers to her broken heart after the loss of her son. From that start we are on the move to becoming one of the fastest growing organizations in the Inland Empire.

The Kennedy Austin Foundation is one of the most effective non-profit organizations geared towards the healing of women who are broken. We have changed our look because our audience is changing. New growth, a fresh look and broadening our appeal to go from the neighborhood to nations. Enjoy!