A Commitment to Our Community



We are boots on the ground in the community. We believe that change is an action word and in order to activate the change we see we must first be the change in action.

Community Building


When we see a need we fill it, we we find a hurt, we heal it. Our communities deserve better so we bring what's missing to the under served in our efforts to fill the gap of support from outside resources.



We are passionate about empowering people and communities with tools, information, support and the connectivity to resources that are essential to success.



Walking the walk of change and personal development is challenging enough as it is. We pride ourselves in bridging the gap between where you are now to where you want to be in the future.

Entrepreneurial Empowerment


Self-Empowerment is such an important part of personal fulfillment that we make it a point to introduce ways and means in which to start, run and grow thriving businesses.

Sip N Paint


Sip N Paint offers an amazing platform for socializing and connecting with like minded individuals that not only want to enjoy a good time but also connect with others on the move to make an impact.


Minority Mental Health Month....

 What is Mental Health. How Common are Mental Health Disorders?  Mental Health, Is a condition with regard to their psychotically and emotional well-being. It affect how we think, feel, and act it's also a behavior

Mental Problems, A variety of terms are used to describe mental health problems: mental disorder, emotion